Past Life Regression

We carry all our memories in our energy field – some of these memories may have been created in a Past Life. For example irrational fear, phobias or physical symptoms that cannot be explained by traditional means.

An exploration of a Past Life while in trance state may reveal the source. Opportunities can then be created, offering change and allowing enrichment of your current life.

The amazing thing about Past Lives is that you don’t have to believe in them! Our subconscious mind can present images, feelings and beliefs as metaphors – its aim is to help us gain healing so that we can move forward to fulfil our highest potential.


The concept of Past Lives has become much more acceptable in our culture today. Hypnotherapists, scientists, psychologists and other interested professionals have spent years researching this topic and have come up with some thought provoking data. More information can be found in books by Dr Michael Newton, Dr Brian Weiss, Dolores Cannon and many others.

A Typical Session

We will first of all discuss what is concerning you and what your intention is for the session. I will also gather some personal information such as your age etc. Then I will guide you into a deep trance state and we will journey together to a few of your happy present life childhood memories. Then we will travel back to the time in your Mother’s womb where we can gain many insights. We then travel to a Past Life that is relevant to your current day concerns. We explore that life and its significant events before moving through the death scene and into soul state where deep wisdom and healing can be gained.

I then guide you back to your current life and conscious state and we review your experience of the session.

As a reminder of your experience you will receive a recording of your session.


  • Gaining an understanding of unexplained fears, beliefs, phobias ….
  • Allowing you to become more Empowered
  • Accessing forgotten memories which allow you to more fully understand yourself
  • Releasing old patterns
  • Connecting with your higher self and soul and receiving  beautiful wisdom to enhance your current life
  • Receive an understanding of your life’s purpose
  • And much more

Duration and Cost

Sessions are generally 2.5 hours, please allow 3 hours. Cost $300