Universal Consciousness

Everything in the universe has a Vibration.

That Vibration emits Frequencies that echo its state of being. When that Vibration is in its optimal state we call this Resonance.

Everything is either in Resonance or seeks to be so, as Resonance is our natural state.

If the natural state of Resonance is not present, the frequency emitted becomes a “request for resonance”.

As we gently return something to its natural Resonance, we call this Transcendence.

As facilitators of The Philosophy of Universal Consciousness

  • We acknowledge and honour that each of us hold within, our own innate wisdom – simply waiting to be remembered.
  • We see trauma, difficulty or injury as simply a ‘request for resonance’.  Our role is simply to help the client achieve their resonance. We simply know that nothing is wrong and that from everything that unfolds in our lives we learn more.
  • We see every healing journey or accumulation of wisdom as a chance to share this resonance with others, the earth herself and the greater universe. This is simply our contribution, offered in the energy of gratitude to all there is.


Peter Smith is a global leader in Spiritual Hypnotherapy and Consciousness studies. He, Melina Paisio and Jane Jacobs are the creators of the Universal Consciousness journey.

For more information please go to www.quantumconsciousness.com.au

What to Expect

An understanding of the philosophy behind the work is firstly offered before gaining an understanding of what you the client wish to transcend.

The Universal Consciousness techniques can be used for any sort of emotional issue, whether it is anxiety, depression, grief, addiction or relationship or family disharmony. Physical issues happening in the body can also be addressed by understanding what is really behind them.

We can also explore spiritual or metaphysical aspects by embracing a range of techniques into other expressions of self in other places across time and space.

Our role is to set your consciousness free from the restriction of human form to move into your greater wisdom. For example, we may move you outside your body to observe a physical or emotional issue from that wiser state of being – seeking to understand the true purpose behind the issue. Wisdom flows in this unrestricted and natural state that brings deep insight, profound understanding and eternal wisdom.

Duration and Cost

Sessions are generally 2.5 hours, please allow 3 hours.  The cost is $300 and as a reminder of the experience a recording of the session will be provided.