Quantum Consciousness

Quantum Scientists tell us that we are energy and the entire universe is our home. Consciousness Researchers tell us that we are an energy that shifts, changes and travels unbound by time and space. A Quantum Consciousness Experience (QCE) is one that takes us through a portal into ever expanding realms of consciousness. It is a safe and natural journey and a profound personal exploration. It takes your awareness to different aspects of your being and allows you to truly understand your expansiveness and Oneness with All That Is.


Peter Smith is a global leader in Spiritual Hypnotherapy and consciousness studies. He is the creator of the “Quantum Consciousness Experience” and Founder of the Institute for Quantum Consciousness.

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A Typical Session

We chat about your intention – what you would like to gain from your QCE. It can be for curiosity alone or to gain specific insights.  I assist you into a trance state and the journey begins as we expand outwards to explore the Stored, Alternate, Parallel, Inter-Dimensional and Eternal Consciousness. (Please see an explanation of the various realms below) Then I guide you back  to your present consciousness with an ever changed understanding of who you truly are.

The Realms Are:

Stored Consciousness: In this realm are stored all the experiences of your current lifetime at any age. We ask significant aspects of yourself at any age to come forward to share wisdom or healing. In this way self-limiting beliefs can be addressed or forgotten strengths accessed.

Alternate Consciousness: Alternate Realities:  This realm explores the other time line which occurred when you made a significant decision about which path to take in your current life. You can explore the experiences of that “other self” in that alternate reality to enhance your understanding of your universe and their universe. It is a two way process.

Parallel Consciousness: Parallel Life:  Here you can discover those other lives lived on Earth at another period in history. (This is known as a past life in linear time.)  The lessons learned and insights gained are brought back to the present consciousness to enhance your current life.

Inter-dimensional Consciousness: Inter-dimensional Existence At this level of consciousness you can leave the confines of Earth to experience other type of existences (either physical or energetic) in other life forms or dimensions, again for an exchange of energy.

Eternal Consciousness: Imagine a dimension where all the existences which came before are woven together to blend with the Fabric of the Cosmos itself.  In this realm you experience the universe with no limitations, no boundaries, and simply be who you truly are. We are all there is…….   – Courtesy of Candice Lamber

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Duration and Cost

Sessions take approximately 3 hours. Cost $300

As a reminder of your experience you will receive a recording of your session.