Hypnoenergetics® is a blending of hypnotherapy and deep energy work.

Everything is energy.  Including us, our thoughts and feelings.

As energetic beings we carry all of our experiences with us in our energy fields. We are surrounded by our energy field and therefore surrounded by everything that has ever happened to us and the beliefs and feelings we store from those events.

These events are stored in the deeper realms of who we are, that wonderful archive that we call the subconscious mind.

When the powerful modality of Hypnotherapy is used in the context of energy it broadens the potential for healing even further. We move from it being a step based process into an energetic experience guided by your own deepest wisdom which provides insight and empowers you to heal yourself. – Courtesy Colleen Dooley and Peter Smith

For more information go to www.hypnoenergetics.com.au

A typical session

Initially I gather some personal information such as your age, any medical conditions etc. Then we discuss what is concerning you – what you would like to change.  After our discussion I guide you into a trance state. While in trance we will go on a journey together exploring the events, beliefs and feelings (related to the issue you want to work on) that no longer serve you. We travel to the core of the issue gaining understanding of why and how it began. Then we offer an opportunity to release the energy surrounding the issue and create change in the form of new beliefs, responses, thoughts, behaviours and feelings that will serve you, allowing you to move forward in a more healthy way.I then guide you back to your conscious state and we will review your experience of the session.


  • Allows you to become Self Empowered rather that Dis-empowered
  • Gives you a deeper understanding of self
  • Can assist in releasing negative habits, patterns and behaviours
  • Enhances relationships with others
  • Decreases stress, depression and anxiety
  • Re-frames trauma so that you can release self sabotaging behaviour and limiting beliefs
  • Releases emotions that are holding you back i.e. anger, grief, fear…..
  • Assists you to create inner peace
  • And much more

Duration and Cost

Sessions are usually 2.5 hours, please allow 3 hours.  Cost $250